Meet the band

We are a ministry centered band that is dedicated to serving our Savior, seeing lives changed, and ministering through music.

Tanya Isbell, is the heart of the band, as can be heard in her warm lead vocals and touching lyrics.  She began her musical endeavors at the very young age of eight years old, traveling, singing, and playing  piano with her parents and brother in the Southern Gospel group, The Greear Family.  Tanya wants to share the love of Jesus to a hurting, lost, and dying world through her music.

Haley Isbell, brings her commanding and harmonious vocals along with an infectious stage presence to the band. She began singing and harmonizing when she was six years old. Music has always been a big part of her life. She strives to use her talents to glorify God.

Steve Isbell, is the frontman and bassist or, as he says, the backbone of the band.  Steve started playing the guitar first and switched to bass when some friends needed a bass player.  His goal is to let the world know that Jesus loves them, that they are important, and that He has a plan for their lives.

Randon Mabe, the guitarist of the band, began playing when he was eight years old.  He lends a hand in the songwriting process with his melodic riffs and undefined style.  At the very heart of his music is the desire to share the love of Christ and bring glory to God.

Phil Adams, drummer, is the driving force of the band, providing energetic feels and also contributing to songwriting. Phil has been playing music for 30 years and has been been a follower of Christ for just as long. He believes that it is necessary to give the message of Christ in action and not just words.